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K-Beauty is getting popular on Tiktok France

The K-Beauty still considered as a niche market in France appears more and more on TikTok: the hashtag #cosmetiquescoreens exceeds 7 million views in January 2023.

Tiktok and its trends

The social platform TikTok has become a must-have and has been shaking up the social networking landscape since 2016. At its inception, Tiktok left professionals skeptical about its usefulness, considered the succession of, either popular with younger people and not very serious.

Today, the platform has become a considerable communication channel for any company since it allows a significant engagement with its audience. TikTok's content-loving algorithm favors engaging videos, which often translates into improved customer relations, partnerships with influencers or even challenges to fuel exchanges with the community.

TikTok's strength lies mainly in its trends, which are constantly renewed and allow for content that is both diversified and viral. Among all the topics covered, there are niche contents that experience a quick and sudden interest on the platform. Over time, hashtags such as #tiktokart or #booktok, have experienced a meteoric rise counting billions of views. When it comes to cosmetics, searches can be targeted by specific topics like #makeuptok, #skincaretok and recently #kbeautytok. This last tag is still not very widespread on the platform, still considered as niche.

These advanced searches allow a better targeting of content and several brands and e-shops are joining the movement. For example, we find the tags #skincaretok on Erborian's account, #kbeauty with Medicube and Innisfree or #selfcareroutine with LANEIGE US. Some creators of other platforms also take advantage of these themes to develop their notoriety and increase their community.

Targeting the k-beauty community with hashtags

The hashtag in vogue on the French TikTok is #cosmetiquescoreens having just exceeded 7 million views for only 205 videos; the most viral video being that of @laujung_ reaching 1.1 million views.

A filter that shows the quality of the skin, a song in trends and a short format are enough to get the message across: Laura, an expert and consumer of K-Beauty for over 10 years has perfect skin!

This TikTok is the perfect example of the criteria of the platform's algorithm. In addition to what we just mentioned, this video got a lot of engagement (comments and shares) which allowed it to be featured for longer.

Since then, we have witnessed an increase in the use of this hashtag generating over 3 million additional views between August and December 2022.

The most present user on the topic is Dara (@heydohee) with 38.2K followers who opts for English-only content and many trends as her account evolves. This approach allows her to reach the K-Beauty and skincare community more widely.

We are not without seeing brands, e-shops or more content creators grabbing the hashtag in the coming months!

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