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LoloVegan: a first step towards the French market

On Friday, October 6, On The Shelf organized an intimate meeting with the LoloVegan brand. Laura, our founder, invited several market players to join Jenny, founder of the K-Beauty brand, for a Parisian tea-time.

Looking back on this first meeting

The event, held at the splendid Mademoiselle Angelina café in Paris, aimed to bridge the gap between two distinct beauty cultures, and the results promise an exciting journey for beauty enthusiasts and discerning consumers alike.

LoloVegan, an acronym of "Lots of Love, Vegan", is more than just a brand; it supports respectful consumption of flora and fauna, a sentiment increasingly shared by those wishing to make ethical choices in the beauty industry.

The event was an opportunity for enthusiasts, potential collaborators and independent industry boutiques to get to know Jenny and discover the inspiring story behind LoloVegan. Jenny's journey, from her initial passion for animal-friendly beauty to the creation of a brand that embodies love, compassion and sustainability, touched the hearts of many.

Meeting directly with players in the French beauty market is a crucial step in establishing a deeper link with consumers and industry professionals. In this way, the brand can better understand its market. When brands take the time to interact with their target audience, they gain cultural insights that go beyond market research data.

The event brought together notable players such as FeelMySkin et MyKare, sharing the same enthusiasm for the ethical revolution in the beauty industry.Collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations opens the door to new perspectives and innovative ideas.It fosters an environment of creativity and shared values that can lead to major breakthroughs in the beauty sector.

The choice of Mademoiselle Angelina, an iconic Parisian café, added a touch of French elegance to the event, creating a unique atmosphere that completed the fusion of two distinct beauty philosophies.The choice was deliberate and symbolic, illustrating the brand's commitment not only to offering quality products, but also to immersing itself in the culture and ambience of the French market.

K-Beauty, renowned for its innovative, results-oriented products, has been a resounding success in the beauty industry worldwide.The French market, on the other hand, has long been synonymous with timeless elegance and sophisticated skincare, and LoloVegan understands this. The event marked a symbolic beginning, illustrating the fusion of cultures, values and beauty philosophies.

As we look to the future, the collaboration between Laura Koeppler and Jenny promises innovative developments in the beauty sector.With a shared commitment to ethical and sustainable beauty, the path ahead is one that beauty enthusiasts and discerning consumers should follow closely.

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