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South Korea proposes plan to reduce cosmetic waste

South Korea is supporting the cosmetic refill business to reduce packaging material waste.

On July 1, 2021, the MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) and the Ministry of Environment (MOE) issued a joint response to cosmetic packaging waste. They introduced the "green consumption" plan allowing consumers to refill their cosmetic containers after using them.

The plan includes cosmetic refill pilot projects at custom cosmetic stores, sanitation management guidelines, the establishment of a national cosmetic refill standard and a packaging management guideline. The initiative is not unlike the environmental principles of CSR in France.

refillable cosmetics: when brands take the lead

Some Korean cosmetic brands did not wait for this national plan to take the lead in favor of the environment. Since autumn 2020, individual initiatives have emerged from Aromatica, which offers refill stations in its flagship store "Aromatica Zero Station", or the giant AmorePacific and its concept store "Amore Store Gwanggyo". On the spot, empty containers can even be sterilized thanks to a system of UV rays before being filled at the fountains provided.

Ressources: MFDS

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