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Sohnskin products in presale on ulule

Sohnskin, a pioneer of change in the fight against eczema in France, doesn't just design high-quality products. The brand is committed to raising awareness, informing and creating a community of support for those affected by eczema. Preview the product range on!

Sohnskin, a brand committed to eczema

Sohnskin breaks the taboos of eczema, encouraging skin acceptance and offering effective solutions. With products formulated in collaboration with renowned French-Korean dermatologists and designed in a leading Korean laboratory, the brand ensures high-quality skin care for all.

It incorporates the latest advances in K-Beauty, including powerful ingredients adapted to sensitive skin. But the brand doesn't stop at creating innovative, cutting-edge products, it also focuses on creating a community of parents to support them in a daily battle that affects one in three families in France.

The aim of targeting children is to introduce them to the right reflexes from an early age, because childhood is an essential period. Taking care of their skin every morning and evening thus becomes a crucial habit to enable them to overcome the disease as they grow up. The products are formulated to suit young and old alike, offering an inclusive solution that is accessible to all and sets a good example.

An edutainment skincare routine in three steps

Sohnskin currently offers three skin care products for children. This routine has been co-developed by qualified Montessori educators, to teach children the right gestures for their atopic skin, in complete autonomy.

1. Soft Cloud Cleanser is a multifunctional product designed for face, body and hair.Formulated with mild surfactants and a slightly acidic pH (between 5.5 and 6), it offers a delicate sensory experience, evoking the softness of a cloud. Its gentle action cleanses skin and hair while neutralizing the drying effects of hard water, leaving a sensation of comfort without tightness.

2. Rainbow Soothing Gel is a refreshing formula that penetrates deep into the skin for intense hydration.It also helps reduce skin temperature in the event of inflammation.Enriched with naturally colored agar-agar beads (natural colorants) and encapsulated ceramides, it instantly moisturizes the skin and offers subtle protection with a soothing shield.

3. Nourishing Velvet Balm Cream is a rich yet non-greasy formula that envelops dry, delicate skin on face and body with a velvety finish.Thanks to ingredients such as shea butter, ceramides and centella asiatica, this melting cream offers intense nourishment while sealing in moisture, reinforcing the skin's protective barrier.

Unique rewards

The Ulule campaign dedicated to Sohnskin met with undeniable success at its launch party at the Musée Guimet on Wednesday September 13. The brand exceeded its campaign target by 119%, with 238 pre-sales out of a targeted 200. The team then concocted original counterparties and exclusive discounts on purchase packs. These special offers are a unique opportunity to explore the world of Sohnskin products at advantageous rates, while enjoying incomparable privileges.

Each product is sold individually for €30 instead of €35, with no additional shipping charges for all destinations offered on the site.They are also available in several packages:

The green pack, "complete routine", includes the three products for €80, while the yellow pack includes two hand-embroidered organic cotton t-shirts (in large or small format) and a family card game on emotional intelligence for €105.

To further extend support for the brand, both in terms of endorsement and geographically, the red package offers the same benefits as the yellow one, along with a trip to Korea, including a guided tour of Seoul curated by Sohnskin, all for €1000 – a highly enticing offer.

Do you want to keep an active watch on Korean skincare and beauty innovations?


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