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Review of Wooncheon Jeong's K-Makeup masterclass

On January 15, the first masterclass of Korean makeup artist Wooncheon Jeong took place in Paris. We announced it to you here, the flagship event of this beginning of the year conquered well all the participants!

A first step towards Korean Makeup

The rise of Korean cosmetics on the European market, especially in France, can be seen through the important place they have taken in the beauty shelves but also in the media and on social networks. The subject is on the rise and it is not ready to stop.

Despite the growing notoriety of Korean beauty in recent years, including on Tiktok, its practices are known among its fans and / or consumers but not so much the general public. To overcome this lack of communication, a training given by an expert or a professional is the best way to approach a more diversified public and to rely on the virality of word of mouth. We had seen it besides with the masterclass "discovery of the Korean beauty" organized by On The Shelf which had allowed to democratize the K-Beauty near a wider public and to accompany the participants according to their real needs.

More and more popular, Korean idols and influencers, men or women, are changing the perception of beauty even in Western societies. To have a fresh and glowy complexion, a healthy glow and a light impression, it is of course necessary to use skincare, layering and innovative South Korean formulas, but all this is enhanced by makeup.

Wooncheon Jeong, an expert in the field, was in Paris on Sunday, January 15, 2023 to deliver two Korean makeup classes. The CEO of To the right Academy has a very extensive background: he has worked with big names in the South Korean music industry such as Blackpink, Rain, Suyoung (SNSD) and Jung Woosung, but also with the makeup teams of Sisley Paris and Espoir as well as VOGUE Italia, Kaltblut, Schön, Yonsei and many others. With such a background, he is the perfect person to deliver a masterclass.

Backstage of the masterclass

This training took place on Sunday afternoon, during two 1h30 sessions, at 2pm and 4.30pm, with a limited number of participants (20) at Café Plus82 Paris.

The make-up artist began with a quick presentation of his professional career while showing the results of his work on the various campaigns in which he participated.

To keep going on, he recalled the basics of layering, including the importance of the order of the different products on the skin (depending on the size of the molecules), while specifying that all steps are not mandatory and depend on the needs of each. Also, it is necessary to take into consideration the result of the makeup wanted, if it is for a photo shooting or a whole day, the skincare will not be the same.

Following this talk and exchanges about the arrival of K-Beauty in France, especially through BB and CC creams, sheet masks, then cushions, Wooncheon Jeong moved to a demonstration of Korean makeup.

Korean makeup techniques are used to obtain a natural luminous complexion almost juvenile so the choice of colors is essential. Since the election of "Living Coral" by Pantone as the color of the year 2019, Korean cosmetics are based on this orange-pink shade to get a healthy glow. The makeup artist then clarified the difference between the placement of colors and bright spots (blush, contouring, highlight, eyeshadow, lipstick) in South Korea and France.

In Korea, the tones used remain the same, whether it is a day or night look, the emphasis will be with more glitter in the inner corner of the eyes without darkening the makeup. In France and more generally in the West, people will tend to accentuate their look, intensify the colors, without enhancing the youthful effect sought in the Korean makeup.

For a glowy skin tone, Koreans usually put a drop of hydrating oil in their foundation (except in case of oily skin) while French people tend to think that the makeup would last less by doing that and generally prefer a matte or even entirely powdered foundation.

The two sessions ended with a hot drink offered by the Plus82 café, allowing a friendly break and a more intimate exchange with Wooncheon Jeong. The participants were then able to ask all their questions, whether it was product recommendations, personal opinions on French makeup, trends in Korea or even on his future projects.

Based on the enthusiasm and the positive feedback of this Korean Make-up masterclass, we should see Wooncheon Jeong in France soon!

You want to organize a masterclass or an event around Korean cosmetics?


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