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Korean brands rely on advent calendars

Present in the world of cosmetics for many years, the advent calendar now invites itself in the K-Beauty universe by honoring trendy brands such as Sioris, COSRX, Meisani, Benton, Beauty of Joseon, Mizon and many others through their distributors (Miin Cosmetics, Yesstyle, Sephora, Marionnaud).

Stand out during the holidays

Originally dedicated to children, the Advent calendar has become a guilty pleasure for children and adults alike. It has been around for two centuries now (19th century) and it is however these last years that we find it under many forms, more creative but also more playful. They are no longer windows hiding a chocolate a day but very often boxes filled with products that delight consumers as much.

It has become a real marketing tool to create joy and pleasure linked to the Christmas spirit among customers but also to create a long term loyalty of new consumers. The proposed products are then perceived as gifts by the customers which allows the brands to make sales boxes with products available in store in travel or full-size format.

In addition to offering 24 surprises at reduced prices, the brand must also focus on merchandising in order to make its packaging attractive, giving the desire to own or even collect these calendars, most of which are limited editions.

France being the first consumer of K-Beauty with 35% of the market share, these cosmetic products tend to slip into more and more Advent calendars. This is a godsend for Korean cosmetics, which are playing the game and are thus introduced more widely to the general public during these end-of-year holidays. A nice marketing move that allows to test its market before a larger scale launch.

K-Beauty under the Christmas tree

In terms of design and innovation, it is Miin Cosmetics that is unanimous. Since 2019, the Korean cosmetics e-shop stands out by offering an Advent calendar always more attractive. At first in half format, the e-shop offered only 12 Korean masks, then victim of its success, Miin started to develop more complete and more aesthetic boxes: « Welcome To Seoul » in 2020, « Let Your Skin Bloom » in 2021 or « 24 Moments Of Self-Care by Miin » in 2022.

In the same spirit, Yesstyle is offering this year an original and colorful Advent calendar on the theme of « The Beauty & the Bakery ». It features cult K-Beauty brands such as COSRX, Beauty of Joseon and Isntree. The design of the box was created by illustrator Monchi (@montserratbofi), making it a true collector's item.

LANEIGE Europe, on the other hand, is completely detached from the physical calendar format and focuses more on the surprise and exclusivity around the gifts. This year, everything is happening on the brand's Instagram account (@laneige_europe): from December 1 to 24, the brand, in collaboration with many others, is offering an almost daily contest opened to Europe and the United Kingdom, with winners drawn at random.

Would you like to create your own K-beauty advent calendar? Looking for an advent calendar maker?


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