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ESSEC Business School students discovering K-beauty

During the Korea Day organized at ESSEC Business School, on June 17, 2022, Laura KOEPPLER, founder of the agency On The Shelf and expert K-beauty influencer on Jung Magazine, joined the ESSEC KOREA association to deliver a unique conference on the basics of Korean beauty!

Korea Day, an essential event on the ESSEC campus

ESSEC is a school that combines research and teaching, and offers programs ranging from Bachelor to PhD. ESSEC offers a number of Master's level programs, including the Grande École / Master in Management program. Its programs emphasize the values of freedom and openness, innovation and responsibility.

In the same vein, ESSEC Korea is a student association under the French law of 1901, bringing together some 40 members on the Cergy and Singapore campuses. It helps ESSEC students discover South Korean culture and strengthens the ties between France and South Korea.

On June 17, the Korea Day supported by the association, took place on the Cergy campus offering many activities around the culture of South Korea. On this occasion, ESSEC KOREA invited Laura KOEPPLER to offer a conference on the discovery of Korean beauty to the most curious and also to the enthusiasts.

In addition to introducing participants to Korean beauty rituals and presenting its history through the decades, the conference helped to raise awareness of the K-beauty industry and its growing market. A real bridge between pedagogy and professionalism for a perfect continuity of the courses followed at ESSEC, aiming at preparing the students for their entry on the labour market in South Korea.

You want to organize a lecture, a masterclass or an event about Korean cosmetics?


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