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A new K-Beauty pop-up store in Paris

On The Shelf visited the latest Korean beauty pop-up store in Paris and took part in several of the masterclasses held there. We'll tell you all about it!

New K-Beauty brands in France

Korean beauty and skincare rituals now occupy a prominent place in the cosmetics industry. In recent years, Korean cosmetics have conquered the world market with their innovative products and advanced techniques. France has not escaped this trend, becoming one of the leading European markets for Korean cosmetics.

The figures speak for themselves: according to industry data, sales of Korean beauty products in France have grown exponentially, reaching sales of several million euros every year. French consumers are attracted by the high-performance formulations, natural ingredients and aesthetically appealing packaging offered by Korean brands. The popularity of many brands has increased significantly, sparking an unprecedented craze for Korean products.

During the first edition of Korea Expo from May 13 to 15, 2023, several brands such as MIXSOON, SKIN1004 and Layer P joined the event to showcase their products. The response from the public and the many professionals on hand was such that new distribution contracts in France were signed.

We were able to find certain of these brands more quickly than expected when we opened a new pop-up store in Paris, a stone's throw from the Arc de Triomphe, two weeks later.

The eternal benefits of pop-up stores

"K-BEAUTY BY AGASKIN" took place on the first floor of the Galeries Lafayette Champs-Élysées store from May 31 to June 12, 2023. For this occasion, five emblematic brands have been selected to be displayed and sold throughout the store. These include:

- DEAR KLAIRS, offers vegan products that respect the planet. Their facials are designed with simple ingredients, free from colorants, alcohol, parabens and artificial fragrances. Their range includes a light, moisturizing toner, an antioxidant vitamin C serum, a soothing cream and a cleansing oil based on vegetable oils.

- URANG, founded by Jina Lee, a holistic aromatherapist, offers facial products with a focus on natural and organic ingredients. Their line of serums adapts to different skin needs, and they also offer a cleansing oil for sensitive skin, as well as a nourishing and moisturizing toner.

- MIXSOON, takes a minimalist approach to skincare and donates part of its profits to social and environmental causes. Their products use single-ingredient formulas and are made from carefully selected raw materials. Their "Bean Essence" serum, their soft-textured sun cream with no white finish, and their moisturizing stick balm are highly appreciated.

- SKIN1004, specializes in hypoallergenic and natural skin care. Their products are infused with high-quality Centella extract. Their Centella line features products with minimalist formulas for gentle, effective skincare, including a rich cream and a brightening, moisturizing serum.

- ROM&ND, created by beauty influencer Saerom Min, focuses on the unique beauty of each individual. Their bestsellers include nature-inspired eyeshadow palettes, shimmering, moisturizing glosses and pigmented, glossy, comfortable lip inks.

There were four skincare brands and one make-up brand, virtually all distributed in France for the first time. We had already seen URANG at the very first 100% Korean beauty pop-up store organized by On The Shelf in December 2021 with My-Kare and the Kick Café. Since then, several of the brand's serums are still available at the café's K-Beauty corner.

Galeries Lafayette Champs-Elysées is an excellent choice for selling K-Beauty, and not for the first time. In fact, back in 2019, during "Beaux Jours", we already found 10 brands such as A by BOM, Benton, Blithe, Blossom Jeju, Huxley and Wish Formula, which had convinced the department store of the impact of Korean cosmetics.

Galeries Lafayette offers an ideal platform for displaying and selling high-quality cosmetics, benefiting from the trusted image associated with the brand. By staging a pop-up store in these stores, brands have the opportunity to attract attention, create an immersive experience for customers, and benefit from the diverse, beauty-loving clientele present in these iconic fashion and shopping venues.

Brand founders participating in the masterclasses

One of the most interesting aspects of Korean pop-up stores in Paris is the masterclasses. These educational sessions enable customers to discover the secrets of Korean beauty rituals and learn how to use the products available.

These workshops are usually led by K-Beauty experts. They share their know-how, provide personalized advice and teach skincare techniques specific to Korean products. Consumers often need information on the ingredients, benefits and application techniques of Korean beauty products to make an informed purchasing decision.

Masterclasses enable brands to present their products in an interactive and educational way. At the Galeries Lafayette pop-up, it wasn't just the agency's team who were busy giving advice and delivering these classes, but the brands' designers. By offering a personalized experience, prospects were able to have direct contact with brand experts and discover how products can be adapted to their specific skin type and needs.

Workshops such as "The story behind the URANG brand", "Eye and lip make-up classes with Rom&nd" and "Building your skincare routine with KLAIRS" were supervised by Jina Lee, Saerom Min and Mehdi Aden (@mehditowear) respectively, to create a real connection between the brand and the public. The thirteen days of the pop-up were punctuated by numerous classes for the general public as well as for the five brands, which registered online on the Event Brite website.

The masterclasses in Paris offer Korean brands an opportunity to connect with many consumers, and not just local ones, as many have made the trip to Paris specifically for this event. The promise of allowing them to buy natural, ethical Korean cosmetics, as well as Korea's best-sellers, while presenting them in an interactive and educational way, is then fulfilled.

You would like to organize a masterclass or event around Korean cosmetics?


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