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A K-beauty Make-up class in Paris on January 15, 2023

After attending the "Kpop Training Camp" in Bangkok from December 9 to 12, Wooncheon Jeong, Korean makeup artist, artistic director and CEO of "To The Right Beauty Academy", is coming back to Paris to give his first makeup class in France on January 15, 2023.

discovering Korean makeup techniques in Paris

At a time when K-Beauty is democratized among the French through masterclasses, the Korean café Plus 82 Paris will receive for the first time the makeup artist Wooncheon Jeong with the most extensive career to initiate participants to makeup which is his profession.

This training will take place on Sunday, January 15, 2023 in two 1h30 sessions, at 2pm and 4:30pm, with a limited number of participants of 20.

In order to create an intimate and warm setting, the entries will also include a coffee offered by Plus 82.

Those interested can already reserve a place by sending their name, first name, phone number and the mention "K-makeup" to or through the WhatsApp conversation accessible thanks to the QRcode of the publication opposite.

The price of the entrance is 15€ with reservation and 20€ without (cash only on the day).

To learn more about Wooncheon Jeong's services or to view his art, you can visit his website:

Go There

Plus 82 Paris

11bis rue Vauquelin

75005 Paris, France


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