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Mi-Rê Cosmetics Masterclass : the Korean make-up-care

After a successful first edition, On The Shelf renews the experience and organizes a K-Beauty masterclass with this time the brand MI-RÊ Cosmetics in Paris.

Laura KOEPPLER, founder of the agency On The Shelf and expert K-beauty influencer on Jung Magazine, organized and delivered a masterclass for the general public in two workshops to allow everyone to learn about Korean makeup-care, the specialty of MI-RÊ.

A new k-beauty masterclass in Paris

The popularity of Korean cosmetics has been steadily increasing in recent years, and Paris is known as one of the fashion and beauty capitals. It's no wonder that Korean cosmetic brands are looking to establish their presence there. Organizing K-beauty masterclasses in Paris is an excellent way for a Korean brand to make itself known and to develop its clientele.

Indeed, masterclasses allow brands to present their products in an interactive and educational way. Consumers often need information about the ingredients, benefits and application techniques of Korean beauty products to make an informed purchase decision. These workshops can offer consumers the opportunity to try products, ask questions of brand experts, and learn best practices in skin care.

Korean cosmetic brands are known for their innovative formulations and natural ingredients, so it is important for them to educate consumers on the benefits of their products. It is also an opportunity for Korean brands to build trust with French consumers. By offering a personalized experience, prospects can have direct contact with the brand's experts and discover how the products can fit their specific skin type and needs. This can create an emotional connection between the brand and consumers, strengthening long-term fidelity.

In sum, masterclasses in Paris offer Korean brands an opportunity to connect with local consumers and allow them to purchase premium, natural and ethical Korean cosmetics, present their products in an interactive and educational way, strengthen their brand image and launch new products. It is therefore an effective way for these brands to expand their reach and make themselves known in the booming French beauty market.

MI-RÊ Cosmetics: "well aging" inspired by Korean traditions

Mi-Rê Cosmetics is a fast-growing French-Korean make-up-care brand. With a philosophy focused on skin care for all ages, the brand has established itself in the cosmetics market with its innovative and effective products. Based on the idea that each skin is unique and requires a personalized treatment for the well-being and beauty of each person, Mi-Rê products are hybrid and nomadic, between make-up and skincare, in phase with a beauty routine that is increasingly short while remaining effective.

The natural and advanced ingredients used in the formulation of the brand's products have earned it a reputation for excellence. Lotus flower, ginseng flower, caffeine and Jeju volcanic water are just some of the high quality ingredients from Korean medicinal pharmacopoeia that compose the line. The makeup products are infused with moisturizing, anti-spot, and UV protection, while providing beautiful coverage and all-day wear without migrating.

Elizabeth Tremosa, founder of the brand (of Mexican origin born in the United States and French by adoption) wanted to bring Korean technologies to the French market, but quickly realized that the cushion makeup shades available in Korea are not very diversified and do not suit her European public. She therefore wanted to offer an alternative for the greatest number of people, and she succeeded. Thanks to Mi-Rê Cosmetics, it has become possible to enhance the natural beauty of everyone with a subtle makeup that takes care of the skin during the day and does not irritate it as some foundations can do, drying and comedogenic.

a cosy and warm atmosphere

On The Shelf organized the masterclass "Korean make-up care, by Mi-Rê Cosmetics" chaired by its founder, Laura KOEPPLER, in order to initiate the technology of make-up care and to accompany the participants in the choice of their personalized shade. This training took place on Saturday, October 22, 2022, during two sessions of 2 hours, at 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm: accompanied by the professional makeup artist Pauline Letondeur who has already worked on various shootings, fashion shows and shootings, notably with France TV and M6.

The meetings took place in a cosy and intimate Haussmannian apartment in the heart of the 15th district of Paris. This warm atmosphere was accentuated by surprise gifts (including a BB cushion worth 59€), but above all by authentic meetings around a gourmet buffet.

Like the brand, the participants were equally diverse in skin tone, age and gender, as men also joined the masterclasses; all of them having specific needs for the well-being of their skin.

Everyone was able to test the MI-RÊ range, which includes the essential BiBi Nova cushion, the iLight Rescue concealer enriched with an energizing ginseng treatment, the blush-highlighter and the bronzer-highlighter that reveal radiance, and the tinted eyebrow mascara that accelerates growth.

The two workshops were supervised by Laura, Elizabeth and Pauline who were able to provide a maximum of information, to create a make-up and skincare routine for those who wished to do so, but also to present the brand and the benefits of its components to the most novice.

Each of them having a specific expertise, it was the perfect opportunity for the participants to get a lot of advice from proven professionals.

You want to organize a masterclass or an event around Korean cosmetics?


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