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Sohnskin unveils its products at Musée Guimet

Sohnskin, a new agent of change in the fight against eczema in France.The brand goes beyond simply creating quality products by striving to raise awareness, inform and create a supportive community for those living with eczema. Attend their launch party at the Musée Guimet in Paris this Wednesday, September 13, 2023!

Sohnskin, the edu-taining skincare ritual for eczema

As an agent of change, Sohnskin breaks down the taboos surrounding eczema, offering solutions for living life to the full, without shame or unnecessary pain. With a unique approach, the brand reaffirms the power of skin and encourages people to embrace their natural beauty despite the challenges of eczema.

Sohnskin is committed to making high-quality skin care accessible to all. In collaboration with renowned dermatologists, products are formulated in a leading Korean laboratory, guaranteeing unrivalled expertise in skin care.

The brand incorporates the latest advances in K-Beauty to offer effective solutions. The products contain powerful ingredients such as high-quality ceramides and plant extracts from traditional Korean pharmacopoeia, suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Talking about eczema, a major challenge

Although eczema is the third most common chronic skin disease in France, it is often poorly understood and poorly managed. Patients struggle daily to control their symptoms, while available treatments often prove unsatisfactory. Eczema, which can start as early as childhood, encroaches on a crucial period of personal development. This period, when self-confidence and personality are forged, should be devoted to self-discovery, exploring one's passions and building a promising future.

However, for children with atopic skin, this period can be overshadowed by cruel judgments, teasing and feelings of being different.The consequences of eczema go beyond physical discomfort.They can profoundly affect the self-esteem and mental health of children who suffer from it.Parents, determined to alleviate their children's suffering, desperately seek solutions. But they often find themselves at a loss when faced with a lack of effective, accessible options.

It's in this context that Sohnskin is committed to making a difference.More than just a skincare brand, Sohnskin is a catalyst for change.The brand's mission is to open up the eczema debate, deconstruct prejudice and offer quality products that make a real difference to the lives of those who need them.

A Launching party at Musée Guimet

This Wednesday, September 13, marks an exceptional event for skincare enthusiasts and dermatological health advocates.The launch party for the Sohnskin campaign, a collaboration between Dongsinne, a valiant eczema warrior, and Laura, a renowned K-Beauty specialist, promises to be a memorable one.

The event will be held at the prestigious Musée Guimet from 7pm, in celebration of World Atopic Dermatitis Day.To take part in what promises to be an unforgettable evening, all you have to do is support the brand by taking part in its crowdfunding campaign: here, with a minimum contribution of €1.

At the heart of the evening, a rich, interactive program has been carefully designed to immerse you in the world of Sohnskin:

The "Antisèche" Great Game to

Better understand your skin

Be ready to plunge into a ludic and educational experience that will allow you to decode the specific needs of your skin. Your active participation will be the key to this immersive adventure.

Skin diagnosis with the SOHNSKIN Scanner

Explore the latest technological advances in skin diagnostics with the revolutionary SOHNSKIN Scanner.

Let yourself be surprised by the revelations about your own epidermis.

Anti-Inflammatory Buffet: Charcoal Burger concocted by GOKU

Treat yourself to a buffet specially designed to soothe and nourish your skin from the inside out. The delicacies prepared by GOKU will match this unique sensory experience.

DJ Set & Photo Booth on the Rooftop of the Musée Guimet overlooking the Eiffel Tower

End the evening on a high note as you lose yourself in the bewitching rhythms of an exclusive DJ set. Immortalize these unforgettable moments with the photobooth set up on the rooftop, offering a breathtaking view of the majestic Eiffel Tower.

Join Sohnskin at the Musée Guimet and immerse yourself in the world of the brand, where passion, expertise and commitment to healthy skin come together to create a veritable revolution in the world of skincare.

how to get there

Musée Guimet

6 Place d'Iéna

75116 Paris

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