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Bijo : the J-Beauty glow bar at le Bon Marché

Founded by Keiko Suyuma, Bijo offers a new concept store in Paris. It offers a leading selection of exclusive Japanese brands introducing the general public to J-Beauty and the Japanese art of living. With more and more followers, skincare and its rituals as well as Japanese know-how are at the heart of the program. The products that were previously sold online are now available at Bon Marché - Rive Gauche.

The demand of cosmetic consumers for Japanese beauty products is increasing, especially after the huge interest in Korean beauty in recent years. The European market covets more expertise, precise know-how and refined formulas that J-Beauty represents. After having started the adventure through pop-up stores, seven in total, Bijo has settled permanently in the Beauty Loft of Le Bon Marché, presenting also new brands. This is a big step forward for the brand, which was previously only present at the PANTECHNICON in London.

The essence of Bijo

What makes Bijo unique is not only the fact that it cultivates a sense of beauty deep within us, but also that it is always innovative and inspired by the four corners of the world. The brands chosen (Irén, EN, Bizen, Love Chrome, Rey Tokyo, Cokon Lab, etc.) are inspired by ancestral Japanese traditions such as layering, self-massage or herbal medicine, allowing them to offer products with exemplary formulations. Among others, we also find Whaphyto which finally arrives on the French market. Combining herbal medicine, herbology and technology, the brand offers a range of all-natural products from Mikawa (a volcanic province in Japan).

Being at one with nature, the selection is renewed according to the seasons and the evolution of the climate. Moreover, we should soon see the arrival of new brands and formulas that are as natural and trendy as ever!

How to get there

Beauty Loft on the 1st floor of Bon Marché - Rive Gauche

24 rue de Sèvres, 75007 Paris


You want to open a pop-up or a permanent shop of Japanese or Korean beauty?


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